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Being a music collector in the 2000s is the world-apart from how discovering and collecting new music happened pre-internet, plus while we are still privy to discover songs in the particular same methods we did before the “world wide web, ” there are now so many additional convenient, creative and cool ways to become aware of new music and new ‘collection-prospects. ‘  I am pleasured (to say the least) in being able to share a few of the ways that I rely on, in regards to becoming aware of new music and possible new acquisitions into my personal songs library. Some of the techniques require you being pro-active in your search, but most rely on algorithms, plus as well the planning associated with others, such as broadcast program directors and segment producers, who, in essence, do all the ground work for you. The latter will become much more clear as you venture deeper into this article.  

Listening to mainstream FM radio (or AM, depending on your age), being dedicated to reading music publications in print, hanging out at your local record shop, and watching MTV, were some of the more common ways that we became opened-up in order to new songs, prior to the grace of the internet. All of the aforementioned can still, plus should be exercised to the fullest, as they are just as valid today as they were “back then”  (with the exception from the joke that MTV became, though we do have Vevo ). But there are phenomenal venues and methods we have in this day-and-age as well, that will we can add to those earlier protocols, for finding songs. Let’s take a slightly concise look at many of my favorite ways, through the old to the new, in which we can fulfill our sweet-tooth for new music finds.


Music Publications (print & digital)

Since the mid-late ‘60s music publications [magazines/newsstand] have been one of the mainstays and strongest forums, on a more-than-regional scale, by which fans and collectors associated with music have been introduced to fresh musical acts and new music media.   Beyond early fanzines or periodicals (such as Britain’s NME),   Rolling Stone magazine (though not the first music entertainment publication within history), which was established inside 1967, quickly set the particular bar plus standard, on the largest level, for periodical music news and amusement. Goldmine Magazine (what you’re reading now) is also an early example of late-mid-century published music entertainment (est. 1974) which usually went a step further, as it offered its readers one of the largest forums for seeking out and purchasing new songs media. Other pop-culture music publications ( Cream, Circus, Q, VIBE, NME and more…) had long and successful runs “at the newsstand, ” but succumbed to voids of advertiser interest, unproductive changes of ownership, and/or bad world economy because a whole, to eventually crashing at the newsstands and subscriber base.    

Just this past year, the particular iconic Creem magazine seems to become trying to make a comeback as a quarterly publication, but doesn’t quite seem to end up being gaining traction the way most people thought they would, and while Rolling Stone remains to be the longest running songs publication in the globe, it has lost its ‘mojo’ and has turn out to be more so a “political rag, ” positioning  Untapped goldmine Magazine as the “second greatest living music publication on earth, ” and if we have been talking about “pure music” magazines, then, we are actually the particular oldest and longest surviving. So, where do we go from here?   We go “online, ” that’s where. While the two oldest music magazines – Going Stone plus Goldmine – along with a host of others ( Mojo, Shindig, Record Collector, Revolver, etc. ) continue to publish “Print, inch and successfully I might add, almost all associated with the publications that I’d mentioned earlier, still continue to flourish via the ‘world wide web. ‘ As the collector and a music aficionado, you have the choice to not only purchase  great ‘print’ content  at the newsstand (or subscribe), from journals like “this one, inches but to also revel in constant rotating songs information from reoccurring columns, feature articles and songs news found ‘online’ via a wide array of these magazines’  online publishing format [websites]. Simply subscribing to a magazine’s newsletter online, can be a fantastic way to get constant updated news and information about new music prospects for your collection.   As nicely; and to make it even more convenient, a few of the magazine’s on the internet publication locations offer “shopping for music” via their own dedicated on-line music stores .


Independent and Free-Form Radio 

One of the majority of enjoyable activities that I participate in when it comes to opening myself up to discovering so much “new-to-me” music, is engrossing the late nights and free time indulging within Independent radio programs.   From college-level or community-based free-form radio, and major university independent call-signs that have grown to notoriety far plus wide, in order to 100% private-independent broadcasters, to major impartial stations that are backed and part associated with a larger family of networking (such as NPR /National Public Radio, Inc. ); you can literally be over-inundated with a plethora of great music, new to you.   I possess probably discovered more new music prospects for our collection this way, but it wasn’t always peaches plus cream. When I first started listening to independent stereo broadcasts for the ‘main purpose’ of discovering new music for my music collection, I would lay in bed, late at night, listening to the particular Morning Becomes Eclectic show on the world-famous KCRW   89. 9 FM  (moniker as K-CREW ) based here in Los Angles, California. The problem that will I rapidly began facing, was a combination of two related dilemmas: One, was that there was therefore much amazing music perpetuating with every next song, that this was hard to pull away and create myself ‘go to sleep’, and by the particular time I was able in order to force personally, and log off from hearing, it was near time to get-up and so pointless going to sleep. The particular second part of that dilemma, would become, that even if I’d managed to pull me personally away from listening after so long; when I woke up in the morning, I’d realized that will I’d spent $100-$200 dollars (or more) going back and forth through hearing the particular program, in order to Discogs, eBay or Bandcamp, purchasing the music I was being launched to, while I had been hearing to the show. I quickly had to teach myself personally, to limit myself, in both of all those areas, plus fast.  

On a Community-radio-level, one of the favorite listens is the program titled Searching for a Thread , broadcast via WRFI 88. 1 FM out of Ithaca, New York.   The show is hosted by musician, music historian and avid record collector Dusty Visions (a. k. a. Dominic Gagliano) whose tagline reads, “Thematic variations on deep listening from psych and avant-garde to post-punk plus indie rock. ”  I’ve received quite a bit of music-knowledge, and songs recommendations from the host and his show  (archived shows furthermore on Mixcloud ).   Another ‘free-form’ broadcast on the particular opposite side of the country, which has constantly been the great source in revealing lesser-known World Music, Jazz, obscure Classic-Rock-era Psychedelia, Progressive and acid-toned Hard Rock bands, around the college/community level, is KSPC 88. 7 FM (moniker as ‘KSPaCe’).     Broadcasting from your furthest south-east rim from the Greater Los Angeles Area – Claremont, CA – it has been a staple for free-form independent radio stations for well over half of a century, and as well has been a wealth of resource to me, while a collector who will be constantly seeking more and more. And lastly, another influence within the “international level”, and a musical source that rivals in stature, notoriety, popularity and programming to Mis Angeles’ KCRW; is Seattle, Washington’s KEXP 90. 3 FM, in whose slogan is usually “Where the music matters”, and they are not in any way, shape or form lying about that. The core format in the station is definitely Alternative Rock and roll which can be a huge generalization because I have got become aware of recording acts representing everything from Post-Rock, Indie Pop Rock, Neo-Folk, New Northern Soul, Neo-Classic Country plus more.   With all of those examples I’ve given, one does not have to end up being localized to these stations to utilize their broadcasts – the internet and mobile apps possess graciously taken care of that for us, by means of station websites and the utility associated with applications for example iHeart Radio .



This is certainly the application that many might think is the particular premier outlet for finding new bands, new documenting artists, brand new music, brand-new, new, new… however, We utilize Youtube . com as an “enhancer” in order to all of the other methods we’ve been discussing thus far. Why? Because YouTube is almost 100% proactive, exactly where all of the other methods in this article considerably carry out all the work for you. There are two main methods I actually personally utilize YouTube for exploring songs in order to consider prospects with regard to my music collection; let’s explore the very first way. In the past years there has been an increasing amount of what I will refer to as “in–studio–performance” videos and channels. These are channels that are usually either fully-based-on, or at least heavily incorporate in-studio live performances by various “levels” associated with recording artist, but feature mostly along with independent or even “up plus coming” recording acts. There are well-more than a handful of these types of stations on the particular YouTube platform; channels with great notoriety and subscription-bases, many along with medium notoriety & production quality, and some interesting ones that have caught onto the file format and are wanting to make a name for themselves – all of them are good.   In the last section we mentioned two of the world’s top and most influential Independent radio stations – KCRW away of La, California, plus KEXP   in Seattle, Washington. Coincidentally, both broadcasting companies also possess two very popular and extremely active YouTube channels with fantastic in-studio-peformance productions [ KCRW Live and Live at KEXP ]  that have been massively successful within the “in-studio-performance” format.  

As previously pointed out, both of those channels’ radio stations are part of the particular National General public Radio (NPR) network, and so coincidentally, another great YouTube channel that produces the in-studio-performance format is  NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts . This is one of the most innovative productions, where performance through well-established, in order to well-known self-employed, to ‘up and coming’ artists are usually performed in what resembles a good ‘office setting’  –  compact, “tiny” plus intimate.   There are also medium sized (and growing), well-directed and produced channels that have got created their own niche and versions of this particular format. One of our most frequently watched will be the channel – Jam in the particular Van – which travels to various locations in the Greater Los Angeles Area and throughout Southern Ca, in a large, beautifully custom painted motorhome, and generates in-studio-performances by a wide array or recording artists, known, plus not thus known.   Other notable YouTube stations that I have had success with this format, are usually Jazz in Lincoln Center , Noisey (by Vice), and The Current (with Live at The Current ), and there are so many more.   I cannot begin to count the amount of times YT’s algorithms have thrown video suggestions into my feed, that have led me to types associated with channels, and to be introduced to recording acts whose songs has become some of the favorite music in our music selection to date. 1 last Youtube . com phenomenon that will remains in order to be the pinnacle focal point regarding music collectors, is the particular YouTube Vinyl Community ; and if you’re unfamiliar with that vehicle, visit the article I wrote (October 17, 2022)   honoring its existence, and turn out to be introduced to a whole other planet of songs collecting.

Lastly, this is the application which i believe is the most under-utilized (or not as realized), plus has lead me to become aware of a plethora of independent artists and independent record labels, with very little in order to no effort of my own, whatsoever. Although this applies to most of the mainstream Social Media discussion boards (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), I am going to focus on exposing Instagram (IG) as the most fluid platform intended for this. I realized; not really that lengthy ago actually, that while We are using the Instagram system, I should always click on the particular “Sponsored Ads” (the ones which are ‘music based’), that will intermittently appear in between the regular posts of individuals accounts that I follow. When We would do this [click a Sponsored Ad], plus stumble upon a recording act whose music “sparked an appetite in me for more, ” I made sure in order to ‘follow’ the account of that particular recording artist/band. When you ‘follow’; the particular algorithm pin-points that, and begins to funnel into your primary feed ‘like-styles’ of music from some other music accounts, that guide you down a rabbit hole associated with exploring new bands plus new music. I actually have gained so a lot knowledge of therefore many excellent independent performers this way. I concentrate on musical acts which have made an effort to progress their songs onto physical media (vinyl, CD, cassette) and much of it has ended up within my music library at home, and happily.  



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The following are videos from the Youtube . com “in-studio-performance” channels KCRW ( KCRW Live ) , KEXP ( Live at KEXP ) , NPR Music ( Tiny Desk Concerts ) and Jam in the Van .   The following performances associated with each respective recording artist are the very episodes that released me in order to these musicians for the particular very first time, and who have become staples in my own personal music collection.  

KCRW Reside – Amber Mark   (2017)


Live on KEXP : Haley Heynderickx (2018)


Tiny Table Concerts – Christian Scott [aTunde Adjuah] (2015)


Quickly pull in the Van — The Altons (2021)

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