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BEING a small business owner is perhaps one of the toughest jobs around. This is especially true if you do not have many resources as you get started. When you are trying to establish your company but capital is limited, and you are still in the process of building the team, enthusiasm and drive are what usually keep you going.

We share in this column the experiences plus top tips of Good Vibrations Records founder Karl Pagunuran on how he turned his passion for music and vinyl records to a full-time business.

“As an avid music lover plus vinyl collector, I have always dreamt of having a safe place where like-minded people can hang out, listen or just talk about music — that is where the concept of opening a record store/listening bar came from, ” Karl said.

Starting your own business is like jumping on an emotional rollercoaster with the highest of highs and lowest of lows, all the particular while wondering if the ride will come to some screeching halt. Asked in case there were any fears or doubts when this individual decided to jump from collecting to selling records within the midst of the particular digital streaming era, Karl replied, “Definitely! It will be always scary to start something new, but I always believe that doing something along with so much love and passion may spark other people’s interest in you plus your craft. ”

People will want to work with you if they can see your interest in what you do. This is true for Good Vibrations, which has been instrumental in helping other online record stores like Rosano Records, Asian Gosling Records, Brightly Information and East Side Spinner to have a physical presence.

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Let’s be clear, though: being passionate about what you do is not all rainbows and butterflies. Doing exactly what you love means you will have to dedicate your time and energy in pursuing your goals. Some days it’s going to feel like all your efforts are not getting a person anywhere yet other times you can not think you are usually getting paid to do something you love so much.

“People think it is easier to build the business than to be employed but the thing is, it is only easy because you get to do some thing you care about and enjoy every day, ” Karl said. Caring about what you do creates an unbeatable perseverance when the heading gets tough, it will be what will help your business going when it seems like it would be easier in order to just give upward.

Asked what advice he or she would give aspiring entrepreneurs who have got their own small passion projects and want to transition it into a full-blown business, he replied, “Start small but dream big. You have to give 100 percent of your time plus effort to build a business. Don’t limit yourself in trying new things. Build relationships with people who have the particular same passion as a person and learn from them. inch

If you are thinking of turning your passion into a full-time company, instead associated with starting with “what will make the most money? ” and hoping you like it, try starting with what you’re most passionate about plus figure out how in order to do that profitably. Use enthusiasm as your North Star within making sure that however you are going to spend your time and effort. It is toward something you truly and deeply really like.

Jeremie Mae “Mimi” Domingo recently joined First Circle as a business support analyst. She is enthusiastic about helping and making a lasting impact on people through customer service. To know more regarding her, a person may reach out via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremie-mae-domingo/

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