This Los Angeles Record Store Is One Of The Best In America – iHeartRadio

Los Angeles is a great place to live if you’re a music head! For those of you who prefer owning physical copies of the music you love, you already know there’s nothing like crate-digging at a record store. And one local shop was deemed one of the best record stores in all of the country. rounded up a list of the 10 great record stores in America and Hollywood’s Amoeba Music made it to the list (of course)! Here’s what the music website had to say about the store:

“Need to spend a day getting lost in L.A.? And who doesn’t? Just step inside the doors of Amoeba Music’s new location at 6200 Hollywood Boulevard, just a stroll away from Funko’s own spot on the famed street. You can gawk at the Shepard Fairey mural before losing yourself among a warehouse-sized record store bound to take up hours and hours and hours. Need a super-cool artist-drawn Belle & Sebastian concert poster to liven up your walls? Trying to find a used cassette copy of Nevermind (yeah, they’ve been carrying tapes since it was uncool)? Just looking for a great recommendation? Amoeba’s staff have a special section for that.”

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