The Best Record Stores in Atlanta – Thrillist

There’s nothing like holding music in your hand. Not your phone, blasting your own playlist from its speakers—but real-deal physical songs, from cassette tapes to 12” vinyl records. When you collect physical copies of your favorite songs and albums, each record has its own special story, and every time you play it, you remember where you were and what a person went through to add it to your collection. Those experiences plus feelings cannot be duplicated by simply going to your preferred streaming app, and that’s why report stores are still around to this day. And as a city that’s renowned for the music scene, it only makes sense that Atlanta is home in order to plenty of phenomenal independent record stores. The hard part isn’t finding a “mom and pop” report store near you—it’s finding the right one for you. With everything from full-fledged record lounges to record store-comic book shop hybrids spread throughout the city, there are a lot of local shops to choose from, so to help you out, here will be our guide to the particular 10 best record stores in Altlanta ga.

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