SHINee’s Minho announces December release date for debut mini-album ‘Chase’ – NME

SHINee member Minho has announced the details for his upcoming debut record ‘Chase’, arriving in December.

On November 22, the idol unveiled the first concept art for their upcoming solo debut record. Titled ‘Chase’, the six-track album is due out on December 12. The new concept image depicts a figure standing in the red-tinted window of a dark wooden house.


‘Chase’ will also be available with regard to pre-order sometime today via South Korean record stores and online retailers like KTown4U and KpopTown. It will also soon be available via  SM Entertainment ’s official global shop   here .

The particular forthcoming report will mark Minho’s official debut as a soloist, nearly 15 years after his debut in SHINee. However , the singer had previously released singles like ‘ Heartbreak ’ and ‘I’m Home’ regarding SM Entertainment’s SM Station project, as well as two Japanese-language tracks ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Falling Free’ earlier this year.

Minho may also be holding their ‘2022 Best Choi’s Minho – Lucky Choi’s’ fan meeting inside Seoul prior to the release of ‘Chase’ upon December 7 and 8 at Kyunghee University. The second day of the event will be streamed in real-time on video platform Beyond LIVE. Tickets can be found here at $35USD.

Upon the launch of ‘Chase’, Minho will be the particular fifth plus final member of SHINee to make his first appearance like a soloist. Taemin had been the very first member associated with the boyband to release his solo record ‘Ace’ inside 2014. The late Jonghyun later discharge ‘Base’ the following year, while Onew and Key both released their debut solo projects in 2018.

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