Inside Taylor Swift’s Latest Unbelievable Year – E! NEWS

Remember that time it took three years for Taylor Swift   to release a new album and it felt like forever?

It seems like such a distant blip now, considering how prolific Swift’s been since that will interminable wait for 2017’s  reputation , first getting back on her every-two-years schedule with  Lover  in 2019   and then… checks notes… making  three  more new albums  and  re-recording two of her older albums.

The content’s just been  coming down, it’s all around—and, luckily,   with sound. (Plus, she also found time to write the feature-length script and is going to direct it herself in the near future, because of course. )

“I found that the more I write, the a lot more I keep writing, ” Swift told  Jimmy Fallon on  The particular Tonight Show   last month, “I don’t know what’s been going on, but in the final six or seven years I’ve simply been constantly making things and, the particular more points I make, the happier I am. ”

And while flooding the marketplace could  backfire for some artists, Swift’s  burst of creativity  and razor-sharp business instincts have only caused the opposite associated with fatigue among her devoted Swifties.

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