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Over recent years there has been a massive resurgence in the popularity of vinyl records , despite the easy accessibility of listening to music via streaming services. Whereas CDs overtook vinyl in popularity in the late 1980s, outselling both vinyl and cassette by 1989, the particular sale of compact discs peaked in the early 2000s.

Rather, vinyl has returned, triumphing over CD and cassette. The vintage quality associated with records that crackle on the turntable, the release of special collector editions, or the enjoyment of searching through second-hand record stores are just some of the particular reasons why the medium might be so popular today. In an age where we can access nearly everything we need online, having a physical music collection is an exciting idea.

In the particular UK alone, vinyl information brought in £135. 6 million last year. Almost a quarter of all albums purchased in 2021 were on vinyl fabric, with Abba’s Voyage becoming the top seller. Abba had been closely followed by Adele’s 30 plus Rumours simply by Fleetwood Mac.

Coin-makers The Royal Mint have conducted a recent study on collecting habits, finding that will Glasgow will be the vinyl-collecting capital of the UK. 32 per cent from the UK’s vinyl collectors reside in Glasgow, contrary to the expectation from many that London would be home to the particular biggest plastic obsessives.

In fact , the second highest area for record collecting is the particular North East of England, which accounts for 25%. The study also found that will Glasgow is usually the biggest area with regard to rare book collecting too, and it seems as though the people of Glasgow have the real affinity for collecting vintage items.

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