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Our Price Records
Our Cost Records

Our Price Records, with its distinctive red and white logo has launched a Kickstarter bid and has already generated a great deal of interest among audio enthusiasts.

With the original rise associated with cassette tapes as well as records, Our Cost came to the particular scene as the Tape Revolution in 1971 created by founders Gary Nesbitt, Edward Stollins plus Mike Isaacs before rebranding to Our Price Records in 1976 due to the high rise of interest associated with vinyl information at the time. Then once 1988 came around, Our Price Records once again rebranded to Our Price Music, due to the popularity of CDs beginning in order to rise before finally in 1993 being changed to the particular simple title of Our own Price.

It once had more than 300 shops across the UK. All stores were close by 2004 because of the company falling into administration.

A spokesperson for the Kickstarter campaign, which has a £50, 0000 goal, said: “Our Price was the brand of the 80/90s generation who desired unique and not so talked about records. So many stories and photos of old products, aged stores and the tales of staff over the years associated with working along with our price scattered all over the particular internet, you can find many tales online from the staff Facebook groups to websites set up to discuss and share the knowledge of these record shops at the particular time. Talk to your parents or family members, they’re likely to tell you stories of the shops plus saving up their wages to spend on records and tapes at the time.

Nostalgia is a huge deal plus with the rise of records and record players resurging, it’s only right that one associated with the biggest names of UK records shops comes back to the particular scene plus helps support this incredible resurgence and new interest. Help assistance us upon this journey and hit our Kickstarter goal associated with 50K with fantastic music products plus items to be gained within each tier, by helping us out with our revival from the 80s brand. ”

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