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o, you’ve splashed out on a state-of-the-art turntable, amplifier and speakers to spin your beloved records. Everything is set up, you’re living the dream in vinyl heaven.

But wait, you can’t leave all those record sleeves lying around the house! Your collection is probably worth a small fortune (especially those first press releases you’ve unearthed from backstreet record shops or online vinyl stores).

You need to ensure your waxy treasures are preserved in pristine condition and you don’t risk devaluing the grade of the LP or sleeve (the holy mechanism used to value an LP).

Good ventilation and ensuring you’re not stacking your records on top of each other is crucial: keeping them in a hot area will warp your wax. Not good.

And preservation aside, your collection is there to show off in all its wondrous glory, so you want to ensure your storage system is the envy of all your vinyl obsessive friends.

I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve spent cataloguing my collection and I often end up with random piles of records that I’ve been playing over the past few days just mounting up.

If only there was a convenient round-up of the best storage systems, record bags, shelves and units to refer to…

KRUD Varezzo Venezia Record Player Stand


If you’re looking for beautifully handcrafted high-grade wooden furniture using modern Italian design, but produced in the UK, look no further than KRUD Furniture.

Choose from an impressive array of styles and finishes: my favourite is the ‘Varezzo Venezia’ record storage unit. Not only does my turntable and speakers sit proudly on the top of the unit, my amp and mixer board slot perfectly into the top-level section that is 20cm high (which also enables me to display my handful of old 7-inch records in).

But it’s the two lower levels (at 33cm high) which are then vertically sectioned off that really allow me to store and catalogue my eclectic vinyl collection whilst displaying them neatly for all to see. It’s such a stunning piece of furniture and a welcome addition to any room. Even the legs ooze style. Like many of the other models available (and I urge you to check them all out), it’s available in various widths so, if like me, you’re placing yours within some eaves, you will be able to order the optimal size for your space. My 120cm width version comfortably holds around 500 records.

Delivery is reliable and reasonably fast, especially given that these can be bespoke made-to-order, and arrive flat-packed… but fear not, DIY-phobes. Assembly is easy; it took all of five minutes to put mine together using its push-click-connect system – no tools required!

Dimensions: 111 x 40 x 80/100/120/140cm wide.

LP Flip Bin


Ever thought it would be cool to store your vinyl in a record store-style flip bin so you can enjoy the hit of digging through stacks of records, or relish the sight of your friends pouring over your cherished collection? Then this handmade design is for you.

Searching for your favourite album this way can be tricky (especially in low lighting or you’ve breached a certain level of alcohol units) but with the fabled flip bin, searching is easy as you flip through each forward-facing album cover artwork.

Made with high quality wood, with a natural, hand-sanded finish, you can leave as is or paint any colour you like to blend it into your interiors. This standard size option is 72.5 x 53 x 98cm and comes with optional adjustable steel legs or castors to enable you to move the unit if required. This width comfortably stores two rows of LPs and has an upper and lower tier so you can store your records accordingly and will hold around 560 records.

Bespoke commissions are also available and given the raving online reviews and the fact that a long list of record shops have incorporated these flip bins into their stores, you know you’re assured a top quality flip bin that will make your mates green with envy.

Kronndorf Vinyl Storage Stand Holder


If you don’t have masses of space, this stylish hand-welded, high-grade steel frame, finished in satin black powder coating, offers a compact solution to storing and displaying your carefully curated collection of LPs.

Its two-tier storage racks will comfortably hold 200 records, all stored upright to prevent warping and the dreaded ring-wear damage on the outer sleeve that devalues your prized possessions. Your albums will be cradled at an angle so searching through the spines will be a doddle.

There is a hint of Scandinavian style about the design with its timeless geometric form. What’s more, you’ll be supporting a small husband and wife business who combine their skills in metal fabrication, carpentry and design to create beautiful furniture solutions.

Dimensions: 79.5 x 33 x 50cm.

Helix Record Storage Stand


Another space-saving two-tier stand. Minimalistic in its design, and with geometric lines that will compliment your record collection, this stand will add some retro-glam to any room. Choose from white, black or a glitzy gold to match your décor.

With its two shelves holding around 20 forward-facing albums each, you’ll be able to flick through and easily find your next spin. It arrives flat-packed but is really simple to assemble.

Dimensions: 82 x 35.5 x 29cm.

Vintage Vinyl Waxed Wooden Record Box


Looking for something quirky? Crafted with heavy wood and aged metal bindings wrapped around the corners for added strength and security, these vintage crates could be the answer with their retro vinyl lettering and graphics bringing your record collection to life. Each box holds around 85 records so, depending on the size of your collection, you could make a statement feature out of them in your room.

I chose the slightly larger of the two options as it gave me that little extra bit of room to thumb through my records. The handy finger holes either side make them super easy to move around too.

Dimensions: 28.5 x 38.5 x 31cm.

Steepletone SRB2 Record Storage Box


Any record collector worth their salt will be familiar with the iconic record player brand Steepletone.

Founded in the UK in the late 60s, this family-run business soon became a household name and synonymous with quality and brilliant sound. On top of their diverse range of electronic products, Steepletone have created the ultimate record storage box to keep your 12-inch treasures safe.

Armed with either metal or leather trims and reinforced corners with a sturdy carry handle on top of the case, you’ll be giving them the protection they deserve in a box that oozes style and luxury.

What’s more, you can choose from two different finish options and 11 colour choices. You can even personalise the case with a hand finished design. Holds around 45 records.

Dimensions: 34 x 35 x 18cm.

Dam Swindle x Robuust Amsterdam Record Cube °01


This geometric storage module playfully uses angles and symmetry to create an object d’art that would sit proudly alongside your prized turntable.

It consists of three identical cuts of powder coated steel that combine to form the perfect cube to hold your LPs and, with a capacity of around 70 records, its ideal for those of us who rotate our favourites on a regular basis.

The cube is available in sage green, black, sapphire blue and ivory and measures 43 x 47 x 43cm. It’s also part of the revered Dam Swindle X Robuust Amsterdam ‘Minimalist Living | Maximum Volume’ collection and available exclusively via one of London’s most iconic dance record stores, Phonica.

Whilst you’re on their site, make sure you pick up one of their classic branded roll-top record bags , made from heavy-duty 600D polyester and fits up to thirty 12-inch records. They’re ideal for DJs on the move or for heading over to a fellow vinyl junkie friend’s house to show off your latest purchases.

The padded back, straps and base make for a comfortable carry and can even hold your laptop in a special compartment.

BENT record holder


Born from an architect’s problem-solving mind and a love of industrial minimal design, style and sophistication are apparent throughout the Bent website.

This one-piece, 4mm thick solid steel minimalistic industrial record storage holder is a simple piece of modern design that will add a touch of class to any room with its perfectly considered geometrical shape and proportions. It sits seamlessly alongside my turntable, sturdy and robust (weighing in at 6kg) and fine crafted edging detail that oozes style.

Available in black, copper, natural steel or other RAL colours, this record storage shelf measures 33 x 52 x 33cm and will comfortably hold up to 40 LPs.


The KRUD Varezzo Venezia stand not only stores and displays my treasured 12-inches but it fully integrates my record player set up; with speakers, amplifier and various vinyl paraphernalia each having a dedicated space to live. It’s also beautifully designed with around 20 wood finish options to ensure it works well in any décor.

If you’re after a separate standalone storage system, the Dam Swindle x Robuust Amsterdam Record Cube °01 will not only store your favourite albums jauntily at an angle, but it’ll also look uber-cool positioned next to your turntable with geometric shape and lines. It’s solid, confidently cradling your records as you would cup a newborn fledgling.

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