6 of the best record shops in Cork for a dig through the crates – Yay Cork

Sometimes we have to try out all the new, cool, and shiny before we can appreciate what we had the first time around.

Over the last few years, the vinyl revolution has dominated music lovers’ imaginations and increasingly, their collections. Vinyl has clawed its way back from near extinction; due in large part to the commitment of record collectors and DJs.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of dedicated record shops in Cork that cater to every taste and budget. Whether you’re eager to get on the vinyl property ladder or just want to add to your collection, head on down to these record stores and flip through the bins:

1. Plugd Records

Plugd has long been a Cork institution. One-time residents of the Triskel Arts Centre, they closed up shop in 2016 to the dismay of many in Cork. Thankfully, the physical store-come-café reopened in a new location on Cornmarket Street in October 2021 and is once again a bustling hub of music, selling everything from Johnny Cash to Tropical Ambient Acid Exoticism from the 80s.

Pop into Jimmy from Monday-Sunday from 11am and root through the record bins for your next vinyl love. Plugd also hosts regular gigs and DJ nights if you’re in the mood for a live show.

2. Records and Relics

The crew at Records and Relics are ardent collectors of fine, weird and wonderful items; from 80s jazzy jackets to typewriters to retro clocks and old vinyls, the Washington Street shop has a finely honed eclectic taste and style. You’ll find a lot of old-time jazz records in this quirky little collection, as well as a wide range of reggae, among others. They also buy secondhand from collectors when you’re ready to give your old records a new home.

3. Bunker Vinyl

Bunker Vinyl is a cool and inconspicuous spot hidden in a basement on Camden Street Place… and they just celebrated their five-year anniversary. The store holds a solid collection of records from all kinds of genres including punk, reggae and indie rock.

They regularly post videos of their new arrivals so you can have a cheeky look at what’s in stock before popping in. Bunker Vinyl is open from 11 am Tuesday-Sunday.

4. 33RPM

33RPM is a relatively new addition to McCurtain Street and dips its toes in all genres of music, with a decent range of Spanish and Latin beats. No surprise really, as it’s run by Mexican couple Claudia Hernandez and her husband Erwin.

The chilled vibe makes this a perfect spot for vinyl newbies to comfortably sift through the bins, CDs, and old cassettes. 33RPM has tonnes of secondhand singles starting at just €2 if you’re in the market for a record deal.

5. Mother Jones Fleamarket

You never know what you might find at Mother Jones Fleamarket and quite frankly, that’s half the fun. Get yourself to the Curious Cove and discover what old and unusual records they are serving up. Mother Jones Fleamarket is open from Friday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

6. Musiczone

One of many stores forced into a nightmare situation when the car park fire at Douglas Shopping Centre left the business without premises a few years back. Musiczone’s owner Ray O’Brien found a new home for his collection at Unit 4, Deanrock Business Park in Togher (Eir code T12KR9F).

The beloved vinyl specialists (one of Ireland’s largest stockists of vinyl records, if you don’t mind) have thousands of titles in stock, with handy updates from Ray on Youtube:

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